The experience gained over the years has meant that Areastudio is able to develop a proven process for managing the entire vision.
From the conception of the concept, up to the definition of the corporate identity guidelines and the basic format that is declined as appropriate.
Areastudio carries out consultancy and architectural design activities for building structures intended for residential, tertiary and service activities, with particular emphasis on energy efficiency and advanced automation (home automation).
Restoration of buildings with particular attention to the themes of re-functionalization and the relationship between conservation and new technologies.
Interior furnishings and architecture for private homes, offices, commercial buildings, showroom layouts, furnishings and concept stores,
within which the research of new materials and technologies that are the basis of the studio’s activity converge.

In this role Areastudio has designed for years the most important houses in Turin dealing with the architectural, lighting, plant engineering,
structural and energy systems, paying particular attention to the latter with the help of innovative eco-sustainable systems.

Sustainable architecture and environmental issues have fully entered Areastudio’s agenda for improving the health, comfort and quality of use by the inhabitants,
reachable by integrating appropriate structures and technologies into the building.

Making sustainable architecture means knowing how to build and manage a building that can best meet the needs and requests of clients, taking into account the rhythms and natural resources from the embryonic stage of the project,
without causing damage or inconvenience to others and to the environment, trying to fit harmoniously into the context, thus also thinking about a total reuse of space and materials.
Various specialists are involved in all phases of the design to ensure that no aspect is overlooked and that the project respects the parameters set for time, costs and use of resources.
The systemic design approach that characterizes the studio is identified in the structure it is equipped with.


We believe in the value of integrated design, we are a partner in solving any design challenge thanks to a team made up of professionals who express all technical disciplines.

Interior design

We are used to doing this thanks to over 30 years of experience in construction management, coordinating the activities
carried out within construction sites, including those of high complexity.

Project Management

Project management, the strong point of our culture distinguishes us: it is the managerial ability to develop every aspect of a project, to follow it, guaranteeing overall efficiency of time and resources.

Direction of works

We are used to doing it thanks to over 30 years of experience in construction management, coordinating the activities carried out within construction sites even of high complexity.
Directors with transversal skills and experience allow timely management of the process of carrying out the work, up to the final testing.

We are used to it,
in Italy and abroad, according to the best international best practices.
Independence is our value.
We are a company independent of any interest other than that of our client.
This allows us to be a reliable and flexible partner for the client who we accompany with commitment and dedication in achieving his objectives and in the realization of his projects.