Project Management

Project management, the strong point of our culture, sets us apart: it is the managerial ability to develop every aspect of a project, to follow it up by ensuring overall efficiency in terms of time and resources.
We can benefit from the presence of all the technical figures involved in a project, an added value that completes the management aspect and guarantees the achievement of the benefits expected by the clients.
In areastudio, project management is an expression of the ability to achieve an objective, combined with the technical challenge, without losing sight of creativity and design innovation, knowledge of the technical detail and the ability to consider the project in its management aspects, costs and times above all.
The skills of our professionals, which are certified and periodically updated, allow us to achieve the client’s objectives while respecting all the fundamental aspects of each project, such as the quality of the work, the timing of execution, the resources available and risk control.


We believe in the value of integrated design, we are a partner in solving any design challenge thanks to a team made up of professionals who express all technical disciplines.

Interior design

We are used to doing this thanks to over 30 years of experience in construction management, coordinating the activities
carried out within construction sites, including those of high complexity.