We believe in the value of integrated design, we are a partner in solving any design challenge thanks to a team composed of professionals from all technical disciplines.
Our designers passionately follow participatory and shared design processes with all stakeholders, administrations, citizens, communities, users, which give value to the realisation of works at the service of communities and territories.

Integrated Design,
a team effort

La complessità di oggi può essere affrontata solo con una capacità di visione d’insieme integrando gli aspetti, le tecnologie, i team sia nella progettazione dell’opera che nella sua realizzazione.
Per questo noi lavoriamo in team, guardiamo i progetti in modo multidisciplinare con ingegneri, architetti e tecnici specialisti.
Siamo in grado di risolvere ogni tematica per la realizzazione del progetto, non solo perché abbiamo competenze integrate al nostro interno, ma perché sappiamo lavorare in squadra.
Da sempre, per vincere le sfide dei nostri clienti.

From preliminary design to final, executive and detailed design

We have in-house specialists in all disciplines, urban planning, architecture, facilities, structures and infrastructures, to solve any challenge.
We design for people, we think about who will use the work, we think about the future of the territories, we explore technologies, we want to be proponents of innovation.
We are guarantors of balance for works of both private and collective interest.
We believe in participatory planning, between all those involved in the project, and in shared planning.

Interior design

We are used to doing this thanks to more than 30 years' experience in project management, coordinating the activities carried out on even the most complex sites.

Project Management

Project management, the strength of our culture, sets us apart: it is the management ability to develop every aspect of a project, to follow it through ensuring overall efficiency of time and resources.

Sustainability at the heart

For both private and public buildings, our process starts with the search for solutions that reconcile sustainability, innovation, creativity and new technologies in service Sustainability is central to our way of designing, essential to qualify a project.
We are constantly researching materials and systems that have less impact. We know and apply, both in the design choices and in the management of the building site, the most advanced construction technologies that allow better performance, with less use of natural resources and greater energy savings.